Förderpreis für Filmkunst

In order to strengthen exchanges between cinema and the visual arts, the Nationalgalerie and the Deutsche Filmakademie are awarding a joint prize. Alongside the Preis der Nationalgalerie and also issued biennially is conferred the Förderpreis für Filmkunst (Award for Cinematography).

The director must not be older than 40 years as well as live and work in Germany. The film has to be produced in the last three years and should at least have a running time of one minute.

Ten Members of the Deutsche Filmakademie with a special enthusiasm for arts and cinema assemble a short list of works by young filmmakers for the film award. Not only the chosen work is important but also the artistic self-conception and the filmmakers personal vision.

In 2019, Irene von Alberti, Jule Bartram, Maximilian Haselberger, Sigrid Hoerner, RP Kahl, Anette Kuhn, Tom Schreiber, Jakob Weydemann and  Rosa Hannah Ziegler have faced this task and named the four nominees below. The jury of the Förderpreis für Filmkunst is the same as the first jury of the Preis der Nationalgalerie and will choose the award winner of this list. The winner of the Förderpreis für Filmkunst 2019 will be announced on September 12.


Sandra Wollner (2nd from the right), winner of the Förderpreises für Filmkunst 2017, together with Iris Berben, Alexander Beyer and Meret Becker (all Deutsche Filmakademie) | photo: offenblen.de

Shortlist 2019

Maman Maman Maman, 2019, 37’
Lucia Margarita Bauer

Imperial Valley (cultivated run-off), 2018, 14‘
Lukas Marxt

Final Stage, 2017, 27’
Nicolaas Schmidt

Happy Happy Baby, 2016, 20’
Jan Soldat